Isaac Brisk

Mandolin,Guitar and Vocals

Isaac has been playing the mandolin for 15 years and playing in Tenderfoot Bluegrass band for 11 years. His idols are Tim O'Brien, Chris Thile, THE GREAT BILL MONROE and Mandolin Orange. Isaac started playing mandolin because of his uncle, Tom Brisk, who also plays the mandolin. Isaac's music career started on piano at an early age. He took piano lessons for 15 years and switched to the mandolin after getting bored with the piano. He then started Tenderfoot Bluegrass with Tenacious D in mind. He wanted the band to be a lot like Tenacious D but that never happened. It went straight to Bluegrass and stayed there. Isaac also played in a heavy metal band while in high school. Bluegrass was always an interesting thing to Isaac and he decided when he was a senior in high school that he wanted to start a bluegrass band. It took some time, but then out came Tenderfoot Bluegrass. 11 years later Isaac is still in the same band with the same 3 original members and is extremely proud!

Ryan Keene

Guitar and Vocals

  I Have been playing guitar around the Pikes Peak region and front range for many years. Born and raised in Colorado and attended school in Manitou Springs. Primarily a self taught musician with many influences dating back to the 50's 60's and 70's.My Father loved music and I listened to a lot of great music with him in the car and around the house. We also watched all of the variety shows in the 70's like Hee Haw, Sonny and Cher, and Johnny Cash just to name a few. I bought my first guitar for $14 when I was about 12 years old. My cousin Leonard was a lefty too so he helped me string my guitar upside down and started giving me lessons when he could. While I spent many years in the 80's and 90's playing party's with several Rock and Roll garage bands, Tenderfoot Bluegrass has been the most successful by far. From small venues like Kinfolks in Manitou where we cut our teeth, to Venue 515 and more we have played so many shows now that I have lost count. We are doing bigger gigs all of the time and hope to be playing more festivals in the near future. The summer of '17 has us booked for large shows like The Manitou Wine Festival as well as the Pikes Peak Library lawn concert series.    

AJ Brisk

Bass and Vocals

  Born in the middle of the last century in the north woods of Wisconsin makes AJ Brisk the oldest member of Tenderfoot Bluegrass. He started playing the bass in 1997 and enjoys holding down the bottom beat of the band. His musical influences are Woody Guthrie, John Phillip Sousa, Frank Zappa, Flatt & Scruggs, Polka’s, Peter Rowan, Native American Songs, Bill Monroe, Bob Dylan, Da Yoopers and the Great Rock & Roll of the 60’s & 70’s. Playing with Tenderfoot Bluegrass is always an exciting, fun time and he as the rest of the band always strive to have our picking get the audience grinning.